ARKID was founded in 2022 by award-winning writer-producers Arron Ferster and Chris Quinn.

ARKID doesn’t set out to solve any of societies great problems. We make silly shows designed to make you laugh. That’s not to be flippant! We wear silly as a badge of honour - when you embrace silliness, you lose your inhibitions and that way lies unbridled joy and escapism!

What’s more, silly is universal and crucially, silly sells! We know this because we’ve spent the best part of three decades making and selling silly for the UK’s biggest production companies. 

We’re serious about being silly!



Prior to ARKID, Arron and Chris devised and produced prime time Saturday night smash hits such as Alan Carr’s Epic Game Show and Through the Keyhole through to channel defining shows including QI, A League of Their Own and Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back.


They’ve written and produced for established A-List comedic talent and celebrities including Stephen Fry, Leigh Francis, Katherine Ryan, Robin Williams, Tina Fey, Romesh Ranganathan and Tom Allen, as well as nurtured new talent including Munya Chawawa, Luke McQueen and Judi Love, helping them take their first steps in fronting a television show.


Arron and Chris also carved out a niche in successfully making scripted and semi-scripted comedy with a premium look and feel on an unscripted budget as demonstrated by The Luke McQueen Pilots, Keith Lemon: Coming in America and Complaints Welcome.


We work with the most exciting new and established talent, collaborating to develop the silliest content we can dream up that only they and their voice could authentically front.

New talent is a key cornerstone of ARKID, we want to continue to find and develop the future stars of tomorrow, drawn from the broadest possible talent pool.

We make content and formats that sit both firmly within the world of Entertainment and Comedy-Entertainment as well as those that skirt the edges of funny Fact-Ent and Scripted Comedy.